Our Assessment Package

Built for assessing without levels


Our assessing without levels (AWOL) module is being used by 100's of schools. Download the guidance pack here.

"The excellent new assessment system enables teachers and leaders to check pupils' progress frequently and identify quickly pupils at risk of falling behind."

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For Teachers

Our new markbooks allow teachers to record progress as it happens. Use our in-built bank of statements, which use the new curriculum, to record when pupils are emerging, developing, secure or exceeding for each area.

Teachers can then use our unique grading system to record a child's progress and their understanding of the content they have been taught. Markbooks can also be used to record photo evidence and comments against each mark.

Our markbooks allow teachers to take ownership of their data with gap analysis, termly assessments and easy to use reporting, teachers can stay in control of their own data.

For Senior Leaders

We have taken inspiration from our Early Years assessment system to devise a framework which allows you to show a child's progress and attainment, in relation to the content they have been taught, at any given point in the school year.

Our new progress indicators are comprised of 2 parts; the child's "stage" and a corresponding "step" score. For example, a child in year 4 at the end of the first half term would normally be working at 4:1. If on track the same child should end the year working at 4:6, having made 6 steps of progress in a school year.

Children can make more or less steps of progress in a year depending on their ability. Assessment reports can show progress for a term, year or any other period of time. All reports can be filtered by pupil premium, ethnicity, attendance, etc. or a custom "dynamic group" defined by you.

All statements can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual schools and additional subject statement banks can be added as required.


500+ schools use our assessment package

Switching is simple. Download the guidance pack here.

We understand the importance of getting your school's approach to assessment right and we would love to help. Our expert team can pop on-site to give you a full demonstration of our assessment package, allowing you to click around and get a feel for how our approach can work for your school.

You can have a click around and get a feel for how our approach can work for your school. Why not contact us and we can help you understand the system.