Our Communications Package

Simple, effective communication for your school

Key Comms Features

Detailed information about our Communications Package

Our schools told us they needed a simple way to keep in touch with parents that was built into our system - that's how ScholarPack's Communications Package was created. We've combined the simplicity of our MIS with the convenience of real-time communications to bring SMS, email and letter generation into one package.

Our schools send one text every 2 seconds

That's 10 million texts per year!

Developed with feedback from our customers, we've put together a package that meets the daily needs of schools like texting daily absences, or texting clubs that are already in the system. The interface makes everyday jobs like whole school texts or absence messaging simple and all the historic messages are stored for your records. We've outlined some of the key features below:

Contact Groups

Use ScholarPack's in-built groups (forms, classes, years, clubs, interventions, attendance and dynamic/static groups) to send communications or use the quick group builder to make your own. Groups are saved for later so you never have to build them again.

Message Templates

Save time by storing message templates for all types of communication so you can have common messages ready to go. Whether it's a snow day message or an attendance reminder our Communications Package makes it simple.

SMS, emails or letters

Choose the communication option that's right for you. You can send instant SMS messages, emails with attachments or print out letters from within the dashboard. We offer unlimited SMS packages or PAYG - scroll down for our prices.

Dynamic Fields

Use our powerful dynamic fields to customise messages for parents. You can mail merge lots of common fields like names, addresses or attendance statistics, so you know your letters, emails or SMS messages are always accurate.

Real-time Updates

Don't waste time waiting for phone number or address changes to update in your communications system. With ScholarPack Communications changes are transferred instantly so you can communicate with parents as soon as contact information is updated.