Free Schools

We're already working with 1/3 of all Primary Free Schools

Free Schools

ScholarPack is perfect for Free Schools. We have the tools you need to make a success of your new venture.

"Our experience with ScholarPack has been excellent. Offering personalised training and a fantastic support team who answer queries quickly and effectively has been a huge advantage when setting up a new system"

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ScholarPack is a great fit for brand new schools because we already work with some of the UK's leading Free Schools from the 2011 - 2016 openings.

We understand the challenges that new schools face and are here to help throughout the process. Many of the 2016/17 tranche of new Free Schools are using ScholarPack already to manage admissions and get ready for the opening day!

In new schools, support is critical so our support desk is always available to resolve your queries. Support is key to our operation and we deliver enterprise class support with a personalised service.

Our cloud based architecture and innovative approach to MIS make us the ideal choice for new schools. ScholarPack can be seamlessly accessed from any location. With no internal infrastructure to consider, moving from temporary accommodation to a permanent site won't affect your ability to access your data.


You could be using ScholarPack tomorrow!

Set up for free schools can happen same day.

ScholarPack provides a multitude of functionality right out of the box, ready to scale up with your school as you grow. Registration, assessment, reporting, timetabling, communication, SEN, census and behaviour management modules are available as standard on the ScholarPack platform.

A modern MIS for modern devices. As a brand new school you get the unique opportunity to select your own hardware from day one. This gives you the flexibility to choose tablets, PCs, Macs or other smart devices. The choice is yours as ScholarPack works on any device.

Take a look around our website to get an idea of how ScholarPack can help your Free School raise standards and improve behaviour by tracking assessments, monitoring pastoral care, reducing time spent on administration tasks and engaging parents.