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We work with some of the UK's leading MATs

Multi Academy Trusts

ScholarPack was designed for school groups like Multi Academy Trusts

ScholarPack works with some of the UK's leading MATs to provide solutions for MIS, communications and assessment. Our cloud based system ensures that no matter where your schools are located, you can access your data centrally through our online dashboards. We offer a range of features specifically designed for MATs like our centralised data reporting, MAT wide licensing and easy remote working solutions.

Developed with feedback from our customers, we've put together a range of features that make our software perfect for groups of schools. We've outlined some of the key features below:

10 new MATs joined ScholarPack last year

We are working closely with them all

Remote Working

Our system supports "multi site authentication" so you can sign into your account at one school and securely switch between all the other schools that you work with - all from the same screen. No more logging in and out of different accounts, you can work with any number of schools from the same location.


We know MATs grow, some faster than others, that's why our team can help to transition schools joining your MAT onto our system in just two days. We deliver on-site training as well as migrating all student and staff data. Why not contact us for a reference.

Data Aggregation

As a MAT it's important to know how all of your schools are doing at any one time. Our brand new technology allows you to aggregate data from all of your schools in real-time to compare data like attendance, assessment and staffing. Why not contact us for a demonstration.

MAT Licensing

We offer MATs volume licensing discounts as well as specialised training packages built specifically for your schools. Initial implementations and on-going training needs are all delivered by our experienced team. You can read more about our training packages here.

Tailored Support

We offer all of our customers enterprise class support to ensure that you get the help you need, when you need it. MATs benefit from our specialist team members who are able to advise on all areas of the system including specialised group working, functionality and reporting.

If you'd like some more information about how ScholarPack can help your MAT then please don't hesitate to contact us. We can pop over for an on-site demonstration, show you how the system works and discuss any of your specific requirements.

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