Key MIS Features

Detailed Information About Our MIS Package

Cloud Hosted

ScholarPack is hosted in the cloud, meaning your school has no hardware to buy and maintain, and all updates are handled by our specialist support team. ScholarPack can be used on any device, including tablets and netbooks, from any location with an internet connection.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

ScholarPack has been designed with simplicity in mind, meaning all staff members can benefit from its features. Jump in straight away and start getting the most out of what's on offer.

No Updates Required

You'll never need to install patches, update your version or install census updates again. ScholarPack is always up to date so you know when you log in you're using the latest version of our system.

Attendance Module

You'll never need to use paper registers again. ScholarPack automates the way your school handles day to day attendance ensuring efficient register management both in the classroom and the office.

Assessment Module

This video is designed to give you an introduction to our assessing without levels (AWOL) system, showing our approach to assessment and the ways in which you can use our framework to track both progress and attainment. You can also download the accompanying guidance pack (PDF).

Behaviour Module

Track both positive and negative behaviour from within the classroom and use a wealth of reports to follow behaviour patterns. Individual items can be renamed to suit your school's needs.

Meals Module

Manage your student and staff daily meal choices with our in built meals module. The system allows you to add and track payments, create debt letters and print out reports ready for your kitchen staff at lunch time.

Interventions Module

The interventions module gives you the tools to identify and track those pupils who may need additional support in certain areas. Adding running costs and recording session data allows you to analyse your budget compared with the progress of the group over a given time frame.

Core Data Module / Census

ScholarPack includes a census module. It only asks for the data you haven't got - anything relevant that you have already entered is automatically included. Setup and solve any issues or queries on screen and download the finished return - simple!

Key Comms Features

Detailed Information About Our Communications Package

Contact Groups

Use ScholarPack's in-built groups (forms, classes, years, clubs, interventions, attendance and dynamic/static groups) to send communications or use the quick group builder to make your own. Groups are saved for later so you never have to build them again. See pricing and more information here.

Message Templates

Save time by storing message templates for all types of communication so you can have common messages ready to go. Whether it's a snow day message or an attendance reminder our Communications Package makes it simple. See pricing and more information here.

SMS, emails or letters

Choose the communication option that's right for you. You can send instant SMS messages, emails with attachments or print out letters from within the dashboard. We offer unlimited SMS packages or PAYG - scroll down for our prices. See pricing and more information here.

Dynamic Fields

Use our powerful dynamic fields to customise messages for parents. You can mail merge lots of common fields like names, addresses or attendance statistics, so you know your letters, emails or SMS messages are always accurate. See pricing and more information here.

Real-time Updates

Don't waste time waiting for phone number or address changes to update in your communications system. With ScholarPack Communications changes are transferred instantly so you can communicate with parents as soon as contact information is updated. See pricing and more information here.

Key Central Application Features

Detailed Information About Our Central Application

Realtime Data Analysis

Analyse data in real-time from across all schools in a cluster. Data is pulled in from each school's database so you can ensure you are always looking at the most recent information including SATs results, attendance information, internal assessments and much more.

Multi Site Data Aggregation

Compare data from across several schools to get a high level overview of performance in key areas. This can include comparing progress for key groups such as pupil premium, analysing attendance data across key geographical areas or comparing simple reports.

Simple Multi Site Working

Enable your staff to work across multiple sites from a centralised location. Switching between schools takes seconds and ensures that staff can allocate their time to where it is most needed.

For 2, 10 or 100 schools

Our technology stack ensures that the central application can scale quickly to meet the needs of small, medium or large clusters without slowdowns. Adding new schools is quick and simple so the system can grow as your cluster does. Whether you're a small/medium MAT or a large Local Authority our technology remains fast and responsive.