Introducing our Packages

All designed for your school

Our main packages

All of our packages require ScholarPack MIS. They can all be activated instantly at any time.

ScholarPack MISour core management system

ScholarPack MIS is our core management information system for primary schools. It's packed with features enabling both small and large schools to jump straight in. ScholarPack MIS is designed for academies, free schools, maintained primaries and independent schools.

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ScholarPack Assessmentour assessment solution

ScholarPack Assessment allows you to track progress and attainment simply with our extensive range of powerful reporting tools and an easy to use markbook. Linking assessment with the core MIS ensures all of your pupil information is up to date and ready to be analysed at any time.

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ScholarPack Communicationsour communications platform

ScholarPack Comms brings realtime communications to the office, and combines the power of SMS, emails and letters with our simple MIS system. The comms package seamlessly integrates with our MIS, so data is always up to date.

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ScholarPack Central Applicationour data aggregation module

ScholarPack Central Application is a new technology specifically designed for multi academy trusts, local authorities and groups of schools. It aggregates data in real-time giving users a high-level overview of how schools are performing. It's great for comparing data from 3 or more schools, and allows for simple moderation in a world without levels.

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