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who can use scholarpack?

ScholarPack is for primary schools, academies, free schools, MATs and local authorities. Developers/IT support companies who wish to enter into a commercial partnership should contact us . We can offer lucrative partnership arrangements.

I’m a school. How would I sign up?

Firstly contact us - we’ll arrange a meeting with you to discuss introducing ScholarPack in your school. We’ll handle the logistics of setup and installation and provide the hosting too. We’ll give you dedicated support numbers and email addresses and be on hand to help with your setup.

How would I migrate from an existing system?

Easily. Let us do the work for you - the process will be hassle-free. Just get in touch.

Where would my data be held?

On our secure servers, all within the UK. We are registered Data Processors. We don’t sell, share or edit your data in any way.

How secure is my data?

ScholarPack is fully GDPR-compliant. Your data is stored and transmitted using 2048-bit encryption, meaning your data is secure whilst transmitting over the internet. SSL is a protocol that provides an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the site that you’re viewing. We use SSL to prevent third parties from interfering with the information travelling through the tunnel.

The excellent new assessment system enables teachers and leaders to check pupils’ progress frequently and identify quickly pupils at risk of falling behind.


How is my data backed up?

We back up every database three times daily and store it for 6 months. We also use failover technology to ensure zero downtime in the rare event of a problem.

how do upgrades work?

We upgrade all schools automatically, usually on a termly basis. Schools do not perform any upgrades themselves - no hassle.

How extensive is ScholarPack?

Very. We offer many modules as standard that our competitors consider add-ons, including Meals, Behaviour, Data Returns, SEN, Reporting and Registration. This means we can keep a school’s cost down as we can provide a multitude of packages that integrate together perfectly.

how much is scholarpack?

Please contact us for a quote - we prefer to customise a package specifically for your school’s needs. Our prices are extremely competitive and we price on a site-wide basis, so there’s no restriction on the number of users you can set up.

What if I want to move away from scholarpack?

We are confident that you will not want to do this. However, should you wish to, we will provide all the support necessary to make it a smooth changeover.

What about additional training?

We provide a full day on-site training as part of your initial implementation package. You can purchase additional training any time. Get in touch for more information.

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