Developed over the years by working with 1,600 primary schools like yours

ScholarPack is the only school information management system designed specifically for primary schools and delivers compatible reporting for your DfE census returns which can be completed in just 30 minutes.

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The MIS for you, no distraction

Primary schools’ needs are different. ScholarPack focuses just on what you need to achieve, without the distraction of unnecessary features.

Reports in just 3 clicks

Ready-made reports such as attendance by cohorts and pupil premium reports mean that preparing for governors meetings has never been easier.

Access on any device, anytime, anywhere

Add as many extra devices as you need at no extra cost and access your data whenever you need it - caught in the playground by a parent, or last-minute prep for a meeting.

More modules, at no extra cost

All modules such as attendance, behaviour, meals, staff, interventions, clubs, SEND and reporting come as standard.

Easy integration with the systems you use

ScholarPack integrates with a multitude of other systems such as Parent Pay, Inventry and CPOMS to make sure you can continue to use all your existing systems without any disruption.

Modules included in ScholarPack MIS

We include more modules as standard than the leading provider and they are perfectly tailored for your primary school.


Ditch those paper registers and introduce your staff to an efficient registration process both in the classroom and the office.


Manage all your staff information in one place, from recording staff contract and attendance information to creating your own Single Central Record.


Track behaviour in real-time from the classroom and use customisable reports to get an insight into behaviour patterns.


The meals module allows you to add and track payments, create debt letters and print out reports ready for your kitchen staff at lunchtime.


Identify and track those pupils who may need additional support in certain areas, and analyse your budget against the progress of a group over time.


Our DfE compatible census module only asks for the data you haven’t got - anything relevant that you have already entered is automatically pulled through and populated for you.


Track all your clubs before, during and after school with our clubs module. Take registers and manage payments all within the same system.


Track and analyse all your special educational needs and disabilities data, as well as confidential and child protection information - all securely stored for your safeguarding team.


We provide hundreds of ready-made reports so you can get going from day 1. Chop up and analyse your data in real time with ease.

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