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Our packages are designed with flexibility in mind. At the core is ScholarPack MIS, which is the heart of your system. Add our other packages as you need them, to make ScholarPack really work for you.

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Our Core Management System



ScholarPack MIS is our core system. It’s packed with all the features you need to jump straight in. Perfect for schools of all sizes, whether you’re an academy, free school or a maintained school, ScholarPack MIS will fit the bill.

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Our Assessment Solution



ScholarPack Assessment allows you to track progress simply. We’ve got an extensive range of powerful reporting tools and an easy-to-use markbook that gives great insights into what’s really going on in your school. Linking the assessment module with the core MIS ensures all of your pupil information is up-to-date and ready to be analysed at any time.

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Our Communications Package



ScholarPack Comms lets you communicate with parents and staff quickly and easily from one place. No more messing around with different templates and different programs, just choose SMS, email or letter, type your message and click 'send'. And because it’s all linked to ScholarPack MIS, your data is always up-to-date.

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Our Multi-School Analysis Module



ScholarPack Dashboard is a new technology powered by Assembly, the school analytics specialists. It is specifically designed for multi-academy trusts, local authorities and groups of schools to compare data in real time, giving you a high-level overview of how schools are performing. It’s great for comparing data from 3 or more schools, and has a selection of nifty analytical tools to help you understand the big picture.

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We love your Communications Module, just like the rest of ScholarPack it's idiot proof!

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