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Our Core Management System

ScholarPack MIS is our core system. It’s packed with all the features you need to jump straight in. Perfect for schools of all sizes, whether you’re an academy, free school or a maintained school, ScholarPack MIS will fit the bill.


Modules Included In The MIS Package


You’ll never need to use paper registers again. ScholarPack automates the way your school handles day-to-day attendance ensuring an efficient registration process in both the classroom and the office.


Manage all your staff information and data in one place. You can record staff contract and attendance information and also create your own Single Central Register. It’s simple to use and can be limited to only those who need to view and edit this information.


Track both positive and negative behaviour from within the classroom and use reports to follow behaviour patterns. Individual items can be renamed to suit your school’s needs.


Manage your student and staff daily meal choices with our in-built meals module. The system allows you to add and track payments, create debt letters and print out reports ready for your kitchen staff at lunchtime.


The interventions module gives you the tools to identify and track those pupils who may need additional support in certain areas. Adding running costs and recording session data allows you to analyse your budget compared with the progress of the group over a given time frame.


ScholarPack includes a census module. It only asks for the data you haven’t got - anything relevant that you have already entered is automatically included. Set up and solve any issues or queries on screen and download the finished return - simple!


Track all your clubs before, during and after school with our clubs module. Take electronic registers and manage payments all within the same system. If clubs change or are cancelled, you can alert parents with a text in just a few clicks.


(Special Educational Needs & Disabilities) Track and analyse all your SEN data as well as confidential and child protection information - all securely stored for your safeguarding team.


Our easy to use reporting module allows you to chop up and analyse your data in real-time. We provide hundreds of ready-made reports designed for primary schools so you can get going from day 1.

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We love ScholarPack - if there's ever a problem it's so easy to just ask support!

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