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Hensingham Primary School

Hensingham Primary School

Here we outline some favourite features of ScholarPack and ways that the system is being used by different staff members throughout school.

Introduction to the school

Hensingham Primary School is located in the village of Hensingham on the outskirts of Whitehaven. The school is set in approximately 2 acres of open green space. One of the best aspects of the school is the enthusiasm of the pupils and staff.

What do you like best about ScholarPack?

ScholarPack has made keeping track of our pupils' attendance much simpler. Every morning we can see instantly which children are absent and their parents/carers can then be notified. As a result our attendance figures have improved. We have found that keeping track of dinner money, pupil contact details and texting parents are all very easy to do.

What do you think about the support from ScholarPack?

The support team have been very helpful on all occasions; if we ever have any questions about how to use a particular aspect of the system the response is always incredibly rapid. 

Would you recommend ScholarPack?

Yes we would recommend ScholarPack if another primary school asked about our MIS.

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