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Lowther Endowed Primary School

Lowther Endowed Primary School

Here we outline some favourite features of ScholarPack and ways that the system is being used by different staff members throughout school.

Introduction to the school

Lowther Endowed School is handily located in the beautiful Eden Valley between Penrith and Shap, in the village of Hackthorpe. Their catchment area consists of 6 villages and many rural hamlets and farms, but they welcome children from other areas too. The school has four classes. KS1 is run as a unit of 2 classes and in KS2 there is Y3/4 and Y5/6 classes.

Why did you choose ScholarPack?

I was new to the job and had worked with many other systems previously. In my past experience i found SIMS to be unfriendly and wanted a system that was easier to use - which is why we liked ScholarPack. I have found it to be very intuitive and simple to navigate.The cloud based aspect of the system also attracted us as it can be used anywhere, anytime. 

What do you like most about ScholarPack?

I have found that the student records interface is very easy to use, it's now simple to export and import new student information quickly. We have also found that updating our Census information is straightforward saving us plenty of time. We were looking for a system that had a good student tracking system and a competent parent communication tool and ScholarPack easily ticks these boxes for us. 

Do you have any specific occasions when the support team were very helpful?

The support team were notably helpful when we began setting up our classes; we were shown how to do this before yet when we commenced inputting our information at a later date we found that we had to ring ScholarPack for advice on certain stages of the process. Even though we had been shown this before, we felt comfortable asking again for clarification.

In what ways has ScholarPack helped your school?

ScholarPack has given us the ability to look at our attendance information and find useful correlations with our assessment data. There is also a readily available report for everything and finding student's information day to day has never been quicker. ScholarPack is live on my computer screen all day long meaning I can complete my duties promptly.

Would you recommend us?

Yes we have already recommended ScholarPack to a school near us.

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