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Shankhill C of E Primary School

Shankhill C of E Primary School

Here we outline some favourite features of ScholarPack and ways that the system is being used by different staff members throughout school.

Introduction to the school

Shankhill C of E Primary School's original school was built in 1879 and consisted of one school room. In 2007 a new hall extension was added to the school, which is used for assemblies, PE, eating lunch and school performances. The school takes children from the term after their 3rd birthday through to the end of Year 6. They currently have 26 children on roll.

How long have you been using ScholarPack?

We have been using ScholarPack for around a year and a half.

Are there any specific areas of ScholarPack which you like the most?

The most important feature of Scholarpack is how user friendly it is. The software is unbelievably easy to use compared to our last provider; it is intuitive with amazing graphics. Here are just a few of the differences:
-No need to do back-ups as it is cloud based
-No updates - they are all done for you
-Instant remote connection to the support team

As an example, we received a set of instructions from the LEA ref pay scales and data which had to be imported if you were with other providers before you could do the workforce census - Scholarpack did all this for us! Three clicks and the census was done!

The other amazing feature of Scholarpack is that they listen to any comments and suggestions and can implement improvements to the software almost instantaneously - it really is customer driven. At the moment we are primarily using the registers, attendance and school meal areas of ScholarPack. However, there is so much more.

How have you found the support from us?

The support team are always very helpful and extremely patient. As mentioned they are on remote support without any input from our end - it is also more personal as they know who we are. I am totally confident that the team will always sort out any problems.

Would you recommend us?

As someone who really struggled with SIMS, I feel very passionately about Scholarpack. It is a modern system designed to make the storage, accessibility and retrieval of school data as ergonomic as possible. It can change and respond with unbelievable speed to meet our needs. 

Where else would you find the icon for the Autumn Census a pumpkin, for January a snowman, and for May a butterfly? I rest my case!

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