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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Here we outline some favourite features of ScholarPack and ways that the system is being used by different staff members throughout school.

Introduction to the school

At St Joseph's your child will be nurtured and educated in a friendly, family atmosphere, and they believe that their school is at the heart of both the parish and the community. Ofsted commented in 2011 "This is an outstandingly caring and supportive school." Education between the age of 4 and 11 years provides the building blocks for the future, therefore the staff are constantly striving to ensure that they offer:

. a family atmosphere where the children know and support each other.
. the opportunity to develop compassion, care and respect through our shared faith and belief in the Gospel values.
. an interesting and stimulating environment in which the children can learn and succeed.
. an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum giving every child the opportunity to excel.
. committed and caring staff seeking to help the children to achieve their full potential.
. the benefits of mixed age classes where children are able to work at an appropriate level.

In what ways has ScholarPack helped your school?

As the administrator I would say it's definitely much easier to complete the Census in ScholarPack than it was in our previous system, SIMS. It now takes less time to fill in all of our information providing more time for me to complete other important daily tasks. The registers and also the dinner money are now really easy to keep track of because they're all in the same area.

How have you found the support from us?

I have found the support from ScholarPack excellent. The system wasn't implemented in the school when I commenced my position so I wasn't trained by the ScholarPack team initially, as a result I do find that I use the support on many occasions and always find that they do not hesitate to help with any query.

How long have you been using ScholarPack?

The school has been using ScholarPack for around a year and a half.

Would you recommend us?

Yes we would.

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