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Warwick Bridge Primary School

Warwick Bridge Primary School

Here we outline some favourite features of ScholarPack and ways that the system is being used by different staff members throughout school.

Introduction to the school

Warwick Bridge Primary School is a one form entry school and welcomes children aged 3 to 11 years. They aim to inspire all their pupils and parents with an exciting and stimulating curriculum. The staff also seek to provide each child with the best possible education.

Why did you choose ScholarPack?

We attended a presentation at a local school and really liked the system so we decided to switch. One of the primary reasons we decided to change to ScholarPack was the registers; all staff can now access their class register making attendance tracking effortless. The cloud based aspect of the system also benefits our school as it makes it possible to complete work from home whenever the opportunity arises.

What do you like most about ScholarPack?

We particularly like tracking the children's attendance figures so we are can formulate data and create reports based upon this information. The system is very user friendly and always updated automatically so there is no time wasting downloads to complete on a regular basis. The census caused less aggravation this time around than previously as it's much easier to complete with ScholarPack.

Do you have any specific occasions when support was notably helpful?

The support team are consistently helpful and were particularly great when it came to any questions we had with assessment. We felt that we could ask simple questions when it came to setting up new data and we really like the ease with which we can always speak to people quickly.

In what ways has ScholarPack helped your school?

ScholarPack has helped our school track all pupils' assessment information and all teachers now have access to this. Being able to check up on pupil's attendance is very useful so we can now see if any children are often late or ill and address these issues efficiently.

How long have you been using ScholarPack?

We have been using ScholarPack since January 2012.

How did you find migrating from your previous system?

I know sometimes it can be worrying switching from one system to another but we had no problems migrating at all.

Would you recommend us?

Yes I would.

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