Why schools are leaving SIMS for ScholarPack

This has been a tough year for school leaders. On top of everything else the pandemic has thrown at you, if you’re using SIMS you’ve also had to go the extra mile just to make it work for you. It’s time to move to an MIS that pulls its weight and keeps you and your staff supported, no matter what you face.

Life with SIMS

Life with ScholarPack
Driving back and forth to school or setting up a VPN to use SIMS from home.Instant access to all data no matter where you are.
Working late to figure out a workaround to create bubbles, or record Y codes following changing DfE guidance.New COVID-19 features added within 24 hours ready for you to use straight away.
Waiting three years for SIMS Primary.Specifically designed for primary schools – saving you time, not adding to it.

I’d just like to say that ScholarPack is like a dream come true after SIMS!

Teacher at Jeavons Wood Primary School

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