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Our Assessment Solution

ScholarPack Assessment allows you to track progress simply. We’ve got an extensive range of powerful reporting tools and an easy-to-use markbook that gives great insights into what’s really going on in your school. Linking the assessment module with the core MIS ensures all of your pupil information is up-to-date and ready to be analysed at any time.

assessment explained

Stages & Steps

Stages and Steps are simple, easy and dynamic. Track your pupil progress and attainment across individual students and cohorts, then identify pupils at risk of falling behind.

At each assessment teachers make a judgement about how children are doing, based on their understanding of the curriculum. Pupils on track remain 'secure' throughout the year - all of this data can be captured in the Formative and Summative Markbooks.

It's as simple as entering a mark - no reports to configure or design.



The child is not working at an age-related expectation. Some of these children have additional learning or support needs.


working towards AGE-RELATED

The child is only able to access age-related content with support. They may need to focus on content from lower year groups to fill the gaps in their learning in order to access age-related expectations. The child might need intervention to catch up with their peers.



The child is academically secure and demonstrates that they understand what has been taught and can apply their skills at an age-related level. The majority of children fit within this band.



The child has mastered what has been taught and they can demonstrate this understanding in different contexts. They are beginning to work at greater depth and are more able than most of their peers.

Exceeding +

well above AGE-RELATED

The child shows an extraordinary talent in this subject. These are your most able children; aspirational targets can be set to challenge high achievers.

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Zero Setup

We know the way schools work. We know class structures and systems so setting up the assessment package is hassle-free. Markbooks and reports are automatically created out of the box.

Vulnerable Groups

Track and analyse progress and attainment for any group in your school using our powerful Data Digger. Do the children who started in your nursery make more progress than those that didn't? Now it’s easy to find out.

Customisable Curriculum

Our formative markbooks allow teachers to track progress against any learning objective, in or out of the academic year. Customise the pre-loaded DfE curriculum or define your own - the choice is yours.

Ready-Made Reports

Our pre-configured reports show an overview of your school at a glance. Common groups such as pupil premium, ethnicity, FSM, gender and others are all ready-made.

Built-In Colour Coding

Teacher friendly colour coding for attainment and progress is used throughout the system so you can easily spot children at risk of falling behind. Create an intervention group directly from the report as needed.

Real-Time Data

All our reports run in real-time calculating percentages based on the most up-to-date data so you can make real-time decisions.

The excellent new assessment system enables teachers and leaders to check pupils’ progress frequently and identify quickly pupils at risk of falling behind.

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