A breath of fresh air

Cloud-Based MIS for Primary Schools

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Streamlined essentials for primary schools

A light, cost-effective system that does the basics really well and filters out complexity. ScholarPack gives you all the functionality you need, and nothing you don’t.

Simple and time-saving

We’ve designed ScholarPack so you can pick it up quickly and run with it - get wherever you need in 3-4 clicks and navigate your way around our colourful, visual system with ease.

Access through the cloud anytime, anywhere

Let your team work remotely and flexibly - access from anywhere and protect your data better, with no server bulk or costs.

Get up and running in just two days

Switching is quick and easy with 24 hour migration, only one day of training needed, and no configuration. ScholarPack gives you ready to go tools, out of the box.

Instant, friendly support

Get on-the-spot support through online chat or phone - you’re speaking to a friendly human in under a minute.

ScholarPack features

Perfectly tailored to your primary school


Lightning fast digital registers. Ditch those paper registers!

Staff Records

Manage all your staff information, from contracts to attendance and your single central register, all in one place.


Track behaviour in real-time, right from the classroom. Use customisable reports to see patterns.

Meals Management

Track payments, create debt letters and print reports, all ready for your kitchen staff at lunchtime.


Identify pupils who may need additional support and track their progress over time.


Complete your DfE compatible census in just 30 minutes with our easy to use module.

Clubs and Trips

Track all your clubs and take registers within the same system.


Securely store, track and analyse all your special educational needs and disabilities data.

Simple Reporting

Access hundreds of ready made reports out of the box or create your own custom ones in a few clicks.

Looking for more features?

Why not have a look at our sister company, Arbor? Arbor MIS includes Payments, a Parent Portal, more customisable reporting, and a full MAT MIS.

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